Stable in the Storm

The fourth day was hard. Already suffering from altitude sickness, I was trying desperately to stay in control of the situation - ha! Imagine my upset when, after climbing several hundred meters to Lava Tower and being told by Ema,  my guide, that the rest was an...

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What is the “Classical education” difference?

Where did Classical education come from? "Classical education" is actually a modern term used to describe what was once simply called education.  The term was birthed out of modern day educators asking what type of education those from past generations received that...

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Writing Well

In a world of tweets, snapchat, instagram, facebook feeds, email, text messaging, and buzzfeed, why does it matter if we write well? Even for those who believe we should, “why” may not be a question on which we reflect. But as changes occur at Fortis Academy, the...

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The Beauty of Steel

Education is not just the impartation of information, nor is it simply about the development of skills.  Although both of those two things are extremely important, they are only aspects of a comprehensive education.  Education begins with the questions such as: How...

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Why Student Council

Misconceptions: That’s just a popularity contest. Won’t feelings be hurt? It’s not necessary - we’re not a big school. And most unfortunate of all - the students aren’t really capable of self-government. One of the most important responsibilities as parents and...

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The other day I was deeply moved as I listened to “A Contemplation of Memory” by Andrew Kern (link below) and was carried on a journey that gives a glimpse of the beauty and value of a classical Christian education. The whole message inspired hope based on what God is...

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Two Views

Words are used to communicate ideas, and the same word can be used to describe completely different ideas.  This was brought home to me this week when I saw a video of a Christian educator describing how “Christian worldview” can be used.  One might say that the very...

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What Do You Do All Day?

This was my favorite question from the Wednesday Coffee with Grammar moms. It’s a good and reasonable question - a question asked for understanding and disclosure. The kind of question we want your students to learn to ask. Who? What? When? Where? Why? There were a...

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There is No Snow at Fortis

The other day I listened as a friend lamented that he believes that young people today have not been taught how to solve problems.  He is a business owner who is not involved in the educational community that understands this issue, so I was intrigued by the fact that...

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What’s My Job

I’m in control, that’s not my responsibility, family first, I checked out…. I have heard so many conflicting messages from so very many people, it’s worth an article to hopefully bring clarity to the division of labor in a University Model School. But let’s begin with...

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