Reenrollment FAQ

What discounts are grandfathered?

Next year you will receive all discounts that you currently receive except for referral fees.  If you enroll additional children for next year, you will receive the following discounts we have offered in the past:


  1.       $150 discount for PreK if you have other children at Fortis.
  2.       $500 off your third child at Fortis.
  3.       Fourth child and additional children are free.
Will discounts continue into future years beyond 2017/18?

Fortis Academy is committed to economic accessibility. We recognize that some families are providentially hindered from affording the full tuition amount to provide our classical Christian program for their children. While tuition assistance funds are limited these resources should be allocated to provide the most assistance to those in the most need of assistance. The current discount system has blessed many families but it does so arbitrarily without determination of family need. Each family regardless of household income has access to the same discounts based on family size rather than on need. Additionally, the discounts are an unpredictable revenue reduction rather than a budgeted line item impeding responsible financial management. Therefore Fortis Academy will explore a system for allocating budgeted tuition assistance based solely on family need. A carefully crafted system for determination of need and award of assistance will be established in preparation for the 2018/19 school year.

The price for electives is generally $550 for one or $350 each for more than one.  The drop down menu on the enrollment form for electives is where you select this option.  The other options on the enrollment form are:


  1. Grammar School – Monday Art – Semester: This option is for students who do not want to sign up for the whole year for $550 ($350 if you are taking other electives or sports).
  2. Grammar School – Friday Elective Bundle – Year: The Friday electives for grammar school are packaged differently than our regular electives, and the cost is $1000 for the full day (4 electives).
  3. Grammar School – Friday Elective Bundle – Semester:  This is the regular grammar school Friday elective bundle but only for a semester.
  4. Individual Grammar Friday Electives:This is to enroll in only 1-3 Friday Grammar School electives instead of the whole bundle.
  5. Logic and Rhetoric Elective – semester:  If someone enrolls for Logic and Rhetoric Electives the cost is $550 for the year ($350 for multiple electives and sports).  This option is for someone who only wants to enroll in one semester of a Logic and Rhetoric elective.
  6. Theater Camp:  The first two weeks after school gets out from 10-2 is our annual theater camp.  The cost is $200.
  7. 6-12th Grade Individual Classes: This is to enroll in classes instead of our whole core curriculum.
How will discounts be applied?

After you fill out your enrollment form, our registrar will email you with an updated total after applying discounts.

Are there other fees other than the registration fee?

No.  All fees have been rolled into the registration fee.

Is there a registration fee for students enrolling in individual classes?

No.  Included in the $875 fee for individual core classes is the costs that part of the registration fee. Individual Logic and Rhetoric classes will be offered to students only after normal registration is complete and if there are seats available.  Those taking individual classes are not normally on a track to graduate from Fortis Academy, but are using our classes to fill out a homeschool education.

Is there a registration fee for students enrolling only in sports, electives or theater camp?

No.  Students do not need to be enrolled as students at Fortis to participate in sports, electives or theater camp and therefore there is no registration fee necessary.

Are 3-year-olds able to enroll in Pre-Kindergarten?

No.  Fortis Academy is intentionally including Pre-Kindergarten into our educational program to prepare students for a delightfully rigorous classical Christian education.  The program will be more academic and will therefore be limited to 4-5-year-olds.

How long will it take to be accepted into Pre-Kindergarten once an application is submitted?

Our goal is to complete the admission process and issue a decision within a month of applying.

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