One of the powerful messages from our Fortis Christian worldview small group is that human beings are only satisfied when every area of their life is integrated in worship to King Jesus.  The prevailing worldview is that there is a wall of separation between the sacred and secular worlds is just as prevalent among believers as it is among unbelievers.  The approach to modern spirituality is often rooted in Greek philosophy rather than in scripture in a manner that restricts Christian ministry in the marketplace to a personal moral witness and maybe a bible study at lunch.  The classical Christian tradition which made Western civilization great is connected to the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers.  It can be described as the simple conviction that every profession is a vocation from God which, when done in obedience to God’s principles, becomes an act of worship.  As believers learn how to serve God in the marketplace, we participate in a biblical cultural mandate that causes the blessings of Christ’s redemption to be spread in the world.  Raising up our children at Fortis academy so that they go into the world and carry on the tradition of the priesthood of believers will not only empower them to live truly satisfied lives, but will also cause God’s benevolent grace to be shed upon all society through His people.

God’s heart is that many people will come to see how good and wonderful He is through His people.  Matthew 5 describes a biblical principle that God uses to demonstrate His character to the world: “He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust” (Matthew 5:45b, NKJV).  This comes right after Jesus commands us to love those who hate us and do good to those who do us evil and by doing so we demonstrate that we are children of God.  The image here is that God does good to all regardless of whether they deserve it, and by doing so, He shows us what His heart is.  This principle is connected to another important biblical principle in John 13: “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35, NKJV).  The goal is that the world will see how good God is and how wonderful His government is among men through the love of His people.  This happens not only as we live good moral lives and engage in spiritual disciplines, but when we engage in our God given creative abilities to create godly and just culture in society.  When believers connect with the Christian inheritance of Western Civilization through a classical Christian education, they will live satisfied lives that are blessing to society.

Our goal at Fortis academy is to pass on this great tradition to our children, and to equip them to go and transform culture through the grace and love of God.  As we are approaching our first Fortis graduation, it is our earnest prayer that our graduates will live lives that are wholly integrated in worship to King Jesus.

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