As I was reading through my daughter’s Novare science book it made me think about the education I didn’t receive.  The book wonderfully and intelligently integrates a Christian worldview and philosophy from chapter one in a manner that not only builds a solid biblical worldview, but creates Christian character.  Students are challenged to understand the difference between truth and theory, but are also taught how a scientific theory is not something to be treated lightly since it supported by much scientific evidence that is the result of at least decades of testing.   The goal is to give students a high-quality science education that prepares them to engage in the cultural mandate.

As I was reading the first couple of chapters, I could see how John Mays integrates math, logic, history and other disciplines which is characteristic of a classical education, but a classical education without a Christian worldview and character at its core is a dangerous education.  A classical education gives students the skills to succeed in and to influence the world.  That power (which is a creative power reflecting the image of God in man) comes with a heavy responsibility toward God and Man.  The world has suffered tremendously under the oppression of well-educated and immoral men.    A classical Christian education includes developing Christian faith, character and a biblical worldview.  This last element is essential, because it is the guiding dream that sets the direction of a person’s life and work.

Christ is first, and will always be first at Fortis Academy.  We believe that commitment to a high-quality education is an expression of faithfulness to the great commission.  Reason and faith are both attributes of God’s image in man.  The world needs leaders who have a clear vision of the beauty and liberty of a world brought into the obedience of Christ, whose whole purpose in life is to love others as God has loved us in Jesus Christ.  The more comprehensive our Christian worldview is, the larger our mission becomes, and the more rigorous our education is the better prepared our graduates will be to fulfill it.

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