I’m in control, that’s not my responsibility, family first, I checked out….
I have heard so many conflicting messages from so very many people, it’s worth an article to hopefully bring clarity to the division of labor in a University Model School.

But let’s begin with what I have already witnessed: the starting place for everyone at Fortis is a huge heart for the children, each other, and the betterment of the school. That is what will make this joint endeavor successful as it clearly establishes that we are all working together. But the team that best succeeds is the team that designates, delegates, and delights in its work. We already know we share a common vision. Now let’s look at team responsibilities.

Christian character and virtue
Parents – the work begins at home and ultimately becomes the childrens’ responsibility as they grow to maturity.

Fortis – shares the same love of Christ and desire for Christian character and virtue to be within every child. Classrooms, conversations, and discipline are all based on Scriptural mandates administered by followers of Christ. We seek to help the children grow in their knowledge, understanding, and love of the Lord.

But ultimately, issues of heart and faith begin and end at home. Faith and virtue are not drop-off subjects – virtue and faith are family and the ultimate responsibility rests there.

Grammar school 
Fortis – works with parents in a joint endeavor to educate the children. Foundational curriculum choices are made by the school, objectives and standards are established by the school, concepts and skills are introduced and evaluated for progress and mastery by the teachers. Teachers provide support, helps, and are a resource for the co-teachers.

Fun events and social opportunities are provided by school and parents working together.

Parents – are able to school at home secure in the knowledge that they are doing what they should when they should in a way that will lead to their child’s ultimate educational success. Parents are responsible for teaching on the home days just as they would if home schooling. Enrolling in a University Model means parents agree to keep their child on schedule and up to par with the learning of the class as a whole. Parents understand that successful class days are dependent on the required work being done at home. Also, Christ like behavior is modeled and emphasized at home to result in good behavior in the classroom. The home success of individuals allows for wonderful class days in a loving social environment. When a parent fails to perform, the class is impacted as a whole.

Fortis – now spending three days a week in school, the students are developing the skills that will prepare them for the ultimate responsibility of Rhetoric. They learn how to teach themselves, be responsible, disciplined, and problem solve. The teacher is the primary educator setting the scope and sequence of the class as well as requirements and expectations. Teacher expertise guides students in challenging subjects.  Teachers make parents aware if behavior or grades are cause for concern. Students steadily grow in confidence.

Parental involvement will allow the school to provide opportunities for leadership, exploration, competition, and growth. Volunteers and sponsors are necessary just as in the home schooling environment.

Parent – parental responsibility is changing, but becomes no less important. Teaching responsibilities lesson, but facilitator responsibilities grow.

With two days at home, the parent continues to be responsible for the child’s academic success by watching quality of work, ensuring work is submitted in a timely manner, and keeping track of grades. In these areas, character development is in full play and the parent needs to be watchful and involved.  Academically, if the child is struggling or falls behind, it is the parent responsibility to ensure the child’s success whether providing additional instruction themselves or finding an outside source.  It is not yet time to make the student fully responsible as they are still maturing during this challenging transitional time of life.

Extracurricular activities and social events become more important. Parents should be involved with opportunities both within and outside of school as volunteers and sponsors. When stepping out of mainstream education, the point, purpose, and requirements  are more parental involvement. The joyous rewards are spending more time with your children and having a front row seat and involvement in their lives far beyond what can happen in traditional schools.

Fortis – the teachers and students form partnerships. At this point in their maturity, students should be capable of greater responsibility and are themselves tasked with making others aware if there is a lack of understanding, difficulty or struggle in the education. The school sets the curriculum, provides quality teaching to meet objectives, and is responsible for a classroom environment where students can succeed. Teachers continue to be partnered with parents in areas of Christian faith and virtue. Teachers continue to make parents aware of areas of struggle or difficulty. Guidance is available as students develop areas of interest and make choices about their future.

The school recognizes the maturity and growth of students by providing opportunities for them to be involved in their school and activities in participatory and leadership roles.

Parents – parents continue to play vital roles in their students’ education as facilitators. Responsible for continued watchfulness in the student’s educational progress, parents are responsible for making every effort to resolve problems identified by a teacher or student.  This is an exciting time of discussing futures and making plans. Parents should work with Fortis to ensure that secondary education fulfills all known requirements in the student’s plans.

Students take on more responsibility in their extracurriculars, but parental involvement is required. More than ever, parents facilitate projects, activities, and events enjoying one of the most exciting times of their students’ lives. The most wonderful part is the reaping – the time spent in companionship and conversation with the young adult you have so thoughtfully and intentionally raised. Still a time to sow into your children, talking with them is vitally important as you continue to help them develop their understanding of the world and their place within it. Treasure this precious time with the young adult you have raised and educated.

A unique partnership creating excellent results, may the Fortis family continue to grow in strength and numbers while remaining pleasing to the Father.

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