I often like to ponder the impact Christianity has made on the West after celebrating Independence Day.  When I studied the founding of the United States, I realized that the U.S. has a rich heritage that can be traced through the history of the church from the death and resurrection of Jesus to our Founding Fathers, that inspired them to look to scripture when laying the foundations of our civil government.  They were driven by a vision that true liberty is a reflection of God’s government on earth, and the sober reality that there must be checks and balances on power because of the influence of sin in men’s heart.  They were all classically educated, and the ideas they looked to were subject to an overarching Christian worldview. It is an exciting history to study, but many people immediately point out that the majority of people in America were not Christians at the time.  That fact is very encouraging to me because it highlights the incredible power of godly leadership that is able to secure blessings for multitudes even when the majority is not walking in the fear of the Lord.  We see this principle in judges such as Samuel, kings such as David, and even captives such as Daniel.  Yet, the real power to transform culture resides not in the few that are famous, but in the many who live simple lives, walking in the fear of God and extending the rule of His love wherever they have influence.  This is at the heart of the biblical cultural mandate that is the passion of Fortis Academy.  Our goal is to give our children the knowledge, skills and the opportunity to develop the faith and character that will cause them to be successful and influential in the world according to God’s standards.

A Fortis education not only pursues the highest academic standards but seeks to develop character and faith.  Our goal is also to create an environment where faith in Christ is natural.  We do this by studying the liberal arts in a manner where everything is integrated with a Christian worldview.  Next, we focus on character and the development of skills.  This creates confidence and true self-esteem in our children.  Most importantly, we seek to embody Christian faith lived out in our families and our vocations so that faith is demonstrated practically.  True Christianity is inspiring and life giving.  It is only the rule and reign of Christ in the hearts of people that gives them the fortitude to do what is right when everything in the world is pressuring them to do what is wrong.  It is their education that informs them to know what the right thing to stand up for is.  We believe that such an education will prepare our students to be college and life ready.

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