A Journey Toward Classical Education

This week, a potential new family at Fortis asked me about my journey toward classical Christian education. I explained that the first seed was planted as I looked at the writings of our forefathers.   Through the language and content of their writings I realized they...

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An Inheritance of Virtue and Faith

Each of us has dreams that drive everything that we do.  Those dreams change as we have new life experiences and as we learn more.  This is part of growing in maturity both naturally and spiritually.   There is a progression that believers often go through that begins...

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College and Life Ready

One of the primary goals of education is to prepare students for college and life.  I like to get discussions with people, and this week I asked some faculty about what helps students to really succeed in life.  One response I found very interesting was sports.  The...

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Modeling a Fortis Education

Last week at the vision and strategy meeting we explained how our mission as a school has been restated (not changed) to be, “The goal of Fortis Academy is to develop Christian thinkers and communicators.”  Everything we are doing at Fortis is being aligned toward...

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Driving Toward the Destination

Fortis Academy is maturing and professionalizing as an academic institution.  Our beginnings were grounded in a passion for Christ and for our children that expressed itself through education.  In the early days we were driven by homeschoolers who united around a...

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Literary Arts

The other day Mr. Paone and I were discussing an article that he read concerning interpreting literature.  He explained to me that the first step was to understand the original meaning and intent of the text.  For example, Proverbs tells us “dishonest scales are an...

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Vision and Strategy

These are exciting times for Fortis Academy for many reasons.  One of them is the clarity of a strategy and plan to execute on the vision of our school at every level, but especially in the upper school.  With that in mind, there is a vision and strategy meeting...

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Joining the Great Conversation

Every day there are more students and more schools that are joining the classical education movement.  Just as there was a wide diversity of how students were educated in antiquity, there are many ways of expressing classical Christian education today.  Diversity can...

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