Education and the Image of God

In Antioch, disciples of Jesus were first called Christians.  This is a fitting term, because believers are called to reflect the image of God to the world.  The greater our understanding of the image of God is, the more we can shine like a light in the world.  In our...

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What is Classical Christian Education?

Classical education is actually a modern term used to describe what was once simply called education.  The term was birthed out of asking what type of education those in the past received that created the type of faith, character, thinking ability and skills of...

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A Parent’s Hope

It is amazing how powerful and transformational becoming a parent is.  I was not raised around little children, and I had no clue what I was going to experience the day my first child was born.  It changed my life forever.  I remember holding my daughter in my arms...

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Extending Common Grace

One of the beautiful aspects of a classical Christian education is that we acknowledge the truth that God has ordered the universe according to certain principles that operate in creation.  Unfortunately, it seems that unbelievers often make use of many God ordained...

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A Gloriously Silent Class

Silence. Sitting in Mr. Paone’s Omnibus IV class, I was sitting in silence. A most excellent silence; an exciting silence; an educational silence. The students were working their way through a section of Plato’s The Republic, a challenging read on any day - a...

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Stable in the Storm

The fourth day was hard. Already suffering from altitude sickness, I was trying desperately to stay in control of the situation - ha! Imagine my upset when, after climbing several hundred meters to Lava Tower and being told by Ema,  my guide, that the rest was an...

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What is the “Classical education” difference?

Where did Classical education come from? "Classical education" is actually a modern term used to describe what was once simply called education.  The term was birthed out of modern day educators asking what type of education those from past generations received that...

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Writing Well

In a world of tweets, snapchat, instagram, facebook feeds, email, text messaging, and buzzfeed, why does it matter if we write well? Even for those who believe we should, “why” may not be a question on which we reflect. But as changes occur at Fortis Academy, the...

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The Beauty of Steel

Education is not just the impartation of information, nor is it simply about the development of skills.  Although both of those two things are extremely important, they are only aspects of a comprehensive education.  Education begins with the questions such as: How...

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