Geography Year D: K-6th

 Continents and Oceans

To be assessed on 8/24

Continents.Oceans original



North America, South America

Europe, Asia and Australia

Africa, Antarctica –

These are the continents.

Indian, Arctic and the Atlantic

and the Pacific and the Southern –

these are the oceans around the world.


Greenland and Canada

To be assessed on 9/21

Greenland Original

The biggest island in the north is Greenland.

It’s in the north Atlantic, northeast of Canada.

A land of ice and snow, of fish and eskimos.

The Danish people settled there and called it Greenland.

Greenland Geography Game

Canada Original

Nova Scotia and Manitoba,

Ontario, Prince Edward Island,

New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Alberta

and British Columbia

Yukon Territory, Nunavut, Saskatchewan,

Northwest Territories and Quebec

These are the provinces and territories of Canada.

Canada Geography Game

South America

To be assessed 10/19

South America Original

Argentina, Venezuela, and Colombia

Ecuador, Peru, and Chile and Bolivia

Uruguay and Paraguay, Brazil and Guyana

And Suriname

These are the countries of South America.

The French have French Guiana.

The British have the Falkland islands.

Brazil is the biggest country and Chile is the longest.

South America Geography Game

Central America

To be assessed 11/9

Central America Original

Belize and Salvador, Honduras, Panama

Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica too!

These are the countries of Central America

Caribbean on the east , Pacific on the west

Central America Geography Game


To be assessed 1/25

Mexico Original

Mexico Geography Game – 8 countries only

West Indies

To be assessed 2/22

West Indies Original

West Indies Geography Game


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