Below are pdf versions of the introductions to Shurley Grammar by grade level written by Brenda Shurley.  The booklets will provide you with samples of the terminology and style of teaching that is used at school so that you can follow your child’s progress at home. They include the Jingles, the Question & Answer Flow, and the Practice & Improved Sentence sections for each grade.

Shurley Parent Help Booklet Level 3

Shurley Parent Help Booklet Level 4

Shurley Parent Help Booklet Level 6

Shurley Parent Help Booklet Level 7

Shurley Scope and Sequence – The Scope and Sequence is a list of skills that are taught at each grade level. As Shurley English progresses through the grades, the complexity and the number of skills also increase.

The official Shurley youtube channel is here!  (parents be advised to use discretion when using the youtube website)

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