The goal of Fortis Academy is to have each student fall in love with reading while reading fluently at their grade level or above.   As classical educators, our desire is teach our children biblical virtue and equip them with effective reading skills in which to enter into the Great Conversation and read the Great Books.

1000 Classical Books by Grade Level

Treasury Tracker – Fortis Academy’s Reading Log.  A student record of everything they read throughout the school year.

Sight Word Flash Cards – Flash cards to accompany the Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Reading for Kindergarten and First Grade.

Reading Narration Pages – A printable document for students to use for their reading narrations with a rubric so the co-teacher can grade.  Please file in Campus Binder behind Reading tab (white tab) after the co-teacher has graded so that the teacher can record the grade.

Simply put, a narration is a retelling of what the child has just read.  It is appropriate in the Grammar school for this to be an oral exercise and it should be regularly and intentionally done by the student after independent reading or read-alouds.   If your student struggles with composing a written narration, they can dictate and then copy. They will naturally want to skip this step as they become more confident and experienced.

  • 3rd Grade Narration – Requires 3rd grade students to write 3-5 sentences.
  • 4th Grade Narration – Requires 4th grade students to write 4-6 sentences.
  • 5th Grade Narration – Requires 5th grade students to write 5-7 sentences.


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