Art Program

Mondays from 3-4   Fee: $50/month

Introduction: Students will have experience in producing two/three dimensional artwork using a variety of media, techniques and processes. Critical thinking skills will be developed through analysis of artwork both oral and in written form. Students will develop an understanding of the relationship of art with other disciplines, cultures and history.

2016-2017 Theme: As a classical school we seek to incorporate art that reinforces what the students are learning in their other classes.

One component of the class will be the study of art history. Here, students will learn about the life of
contributing artists, as well as the overall evolution of art. They will then be given the opportunity to practice
imitating the specific styles and techniques associated with their lesson.

Credit: Art students receive credit each semester on their report cards for having taken the class. The credit
is issued by the teacher as a simple “pass” or “fail” mark that is based on the student’s effort and attitude.

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