Science Year B

This year we are studying Botany.  This is especially delightful when you consider the plethora of biblical references that use the picture of plants as a metaphor for understanding God and His Kingdom.  To that end, our memory work for the first semester will be John 15:1-17 KJV.

Jesus the true vine

Memory Work 1st-5th Grade

Taxonomy –

Tune:  Farajaka (Spelling variations exist)

Kingdom, Phylum,
Kingdom, Phylum,

Class, Order,

Class, Order,

Family, Genus, Species,

Family, Genus, Species

Taxonomy, Taxonomy.

Mnemonic Device:  King Phillip Called Out For Good Soup!

Seed Anatomy

Seed Anatomy

Flower Anatomy

Flower Anatomy PDF

Leaf Anatomy

Leaf Anatomy Study Guide

 Leaf Shapes

Leaf Shapes Study Guide

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