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NAUMS Webinar:   Chart Your Course for High School & Beyond    Jean Burk 
This seminar is a God-send to any parent, teacher, or counselor struggling with preparing a child for high school as well as college.  Learn foundations for Personal, Academic, and Future Success that will carry over into the college years.  Discover how to train your teenagers to be independent and responsible citizens who will have a strong belief system that will follow them after they leave the safety of home and school. Don’t fear the high school years but be encouraged and equipped! At the end of the session you will discover:  1. How to give your students fundamental  guidelines for high school success  2. How to give them direction for life after graduation. 3. What is the number one criterion essential when it comes to college

NAUMS Webinar:   Going to College – It’s Elementary! Jean Burk

Grade school is not too early to gain an edge for the future without the pressure that often accompanies students later in school. Learn to teach younger students age-appropriate goal setting while identifying their passions and directing their future. Parents will be given a roadmap for success to create future leaders, find scholarships now, and teach successful life skills. Discover a fun assignment that contains the five key things that children need every day for a strong foundation of health and well-being all throughout their educational journey.

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