Mother's Day Out

Preparing them to Learn

Teaching our children to love what is good, true and beautiful!

At Fortis your child will be entering a safe environment where they will learn to love God, His creations, and develop the academic skills that will prepare them for kindergarten.  Our MDO program is designed for children ages 3 to 5 and we offer separate classes for 3 and 4+ year olds.

Meets at school: Monday and Wednesday

***Classes begin August 12th, 2019***

Philosophy of our Mother’s Day Out Class:

Classical Christian:

  • Focuses on developing a sense of wonder about God’s world and for learning.
  • Teaches children to love what is good, true, and beautiful.
  • Inspires children to love God.

Language Rich:

  • Read-aloud and interaction with lots of books
  • Exposure to great classical literature
  • Develop pre-reading skills through the teaching of basic phonics
  • Explore God’s creation and develop an appreciation of nature
  • Develop number sense through experiences with math manipulatives
  • Memorizing scripture and beautiful poetry
  • Safe environment (Students and parents should all feel safe and loved!)


  • Children should love learning!
  • Hands on activities
  • “Is it cute or does it count?” Projects will have developmental purpose.
  • Develop fine motor and gross motor skills

Character Training:

  • Regard others as equals (Treat classmates with kindness)
  • Respect God’s authorities (Follow school rules/procedures))
  • Reverence for God and His Word (Participate in prayer; Listen attentively to Bible stories)

The goals of our MDO program include the following:

  • Building self-control and attention spans
  • Developing fine motor and gross motor skills
  • Encouraging a love of learning (and reading)
  • Social skill building through the introduction of Biblical character traits
  • Building respect for God’s Word and His authorities
  • Developing book/text sense
  • Phonetic awareness through the introduction of phonograms
  • Develop proper pencil grip and beginning handwriting skills
  • Begin pre-reading skills and introduction to short vowel words
  • Develop a good understanding of number sense

Our Mother’s Day Program is currently full for this school year.  We are still eager to talk with you and can schedule tours.  Our open enrollment starts February 16th 2020 for the next school year.

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