Mother's Day Out

Preparing them to Learn

Teaching our children to love what is good, true and beautiful!

At Fortis your child will be entering a safe environment where they will learn to love God, His creations, and develop the academic skills that will prepare them for kindergarten.  Our MDO program is designed for children ages 3 to 5.

Meets at school: Monday and Wednesday

Philosophy of our Mother’s Day Out Class:

Classical Christian:

  • Focuses on developing a sense of wonder about God’s world and learning.
  • Teaches children to love what is good, true, and beautiful.
  • Inspires children to love God.

Language Rich:

  • Read-aloud and interaction with lots of books
  • Exposure to great classical literature
  • Develop pre-reading skills through the teaching of basic phonics
  • Explore God’s creation and develop an appreciation of nature
  • Develop number sense through experiences with math manipulatives
  • Memorizing scripture and beautiful poetry
  • Safe environment (Students and parents should all feel safe and loved!)


  • Children should love learning!
  • Hands on activities
  • “Is it cute or does it count?” Projects will have developmental purpose.
  • Develop fine motor and gross motor skills

Character Training:

  • Regard others as equals (Treat classmates with kindness)
  • Respect God’s authorities (Follow school rules/procedures))
  • Reverence for God and His Word (Participate in prayer; Listen attentively to Bible stories)

The goals of our MDO program include the following:

  • Building self-control and attention spans
  • Developing fine motor and gross motor skills
  • Encouraging a love of learning (and reading)
  • Social skill building through the introduction of Biblical character traits
  • Building respect for God’s Word and His authorities
  • Developing book/text sense
  • Phonetic awareness through the introduction of phonograms
  • Develop proper pencil grip and beginning handwriting skills
  • Begin pre-reading skills and introduction to short vowel words
  • Develop a good understanding of number sense
Mother’s Day Out Program Fee for the 2019 school year: $2250 (Divided into 11 equal payments)

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