The Goal of Fortis Graduates

Fortis Academy wants our graduates to be college-worthy and character witnesses of Christ for the next generation. When a student graduates from Fortis Academy they will have the gained the following attributes:

  • Possesses a biblical worldview, which can discern the worldview of authors, fellow students, and professors
  • Knows how to wisely question and converse with those of differing worldviews
  • Can clearly and respectfully articulate a Christian worldview
  • Possesses strong writing and communication skills
  • Has a strong work ethic and good time management
  • Well-rounded in academics, the arts, and athletics
  • Has the strength of character to resist temptation and to stand firm for Christ
  • Will attend church and seek Christian fellowship and accountability
  • Demonstrates relatability and compassion for others
  • Is willing to step outside comfort zone for the sake of others
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