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Graduation Requirements

Recommended Plan Distinguished Plan
ENGLISH 4 credits 4 credits
HISTORY 4 credits 4 credits
MATHEMATICS 4 credits 4 credits
SCIENCE 3 credits 4 credits
FOREIGN LANGUAGE 2 credits 3 credits
RHETORIC I 1 credit 1 credit
RHETORIC II/ SENIOR THESIS 1 credit 1 credit
LOGIC 1 credit 1 credit
THEOLOGY 1 credit 2 credits
FINE ARTS 1 credit 1 credit
SOCIAL STUDIES Government/ Economics 1 credit 1 credit
P.E./ ATHLETICS 1 credit 1 credit
ELECTIVES 1 credit 1 credit
TOTAL CREDITS (Earned in 9th-12th grade only) 25 credits 28 credits
Community Service A minimum of at least 64 hours of community service.
Senior Thesis Successful completion, delivery and defense of a Senior Thesis, as evidenced by a passing grade in the course.

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Community Service

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Physical Education

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