Singapore Math Resources

Below are links to Singapore math resources.

Below are videos that will help explain concepts as taught in Singapore Instructor’s Guides, as well as Bar Modeling and reinforcement of the Concrete, Pictoral, and Abstract methodology. 

  1. Multiplication with regrouping using place discs video
  2. Long Division with regrouping using place discs video  
  3. More Long Division video
  4. Bar Modeling with Dr. Yeap Ban Har video
  5. Fundamental Ideas with Dr. Yeap Ban Har video(s) (including number bonds, mental calculations, math processes, etc.)

Prerequisite Skills for Mathematics –  List of skills by grade that need to be mastered before proceeding to next level.

Place Value Discs – Printable page of place value discs to use in Singapore Math.

Base 10 Blocks – Printable page of Base 10 blocks of 1’s, 10’s, and 100.

Base 10 Blocks 1’s and 10’s – Printable page of Base 10 blocks 1’s and 10’s.

Base 10 Blocks All – Printable page of 10 blocks in specific denominations.

Number Grid & Ten Frames – Printable page of the Number Grid from 0-110, 0-50 and Ten Frames.

Number Line – Printable page of the Number Line 1-60 (first grade).

Place Value Chart – Printable page of the place value chart, 1’s, 10’s, and 100’s.

Number Bond Flash Cards – Printable flash cards of Number Bonds up to 10 in the Singapore style.

Part-part-whole Number Cards – Printable flash cards of number bonds using the terminology of parts to whole for numbers 1-20.

Addition Facts sums to ten – Printable flash cards

Subtraction Facts sums within ten – Printable flash cards

Singapore Games – A document of games listed in the Singapore Primary Mathematics Home Instructor’s Guides for Grades 1-3.

Subitizing Quantities to 5 – Printable cards

Subitizing Dot Cards – Printable cards for quantities up to 10 – More dot cards, some in color, some in b&w and a few blank ones to make your own.

Multiplication Table –  12×12 grid

Blank Multiplication Table – 12×12 grid

Blank Multiplication Table 2 – 12x12 grid

Blank Number Cube printable

Number Cube 1-6 Printable

Dot Cube 1-6 Pritnable  – This page is a great resource for tons of math printables

Rekenrek – Rekenrek means calculating frame, or arithmetic rack.  It looks like an abacus but it is not based on place value columns rather it uses two rows of ten beads and looks like a 10 frame.  This pdf explains how to make and use one to reinforce number recognition.

Van de Walle Cards enlarged – printable dot cards for quick number recognition.

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